Video Creation Process
Video Creation Process
Video Creation Process
Video Creation Process
Before coming up with a video strategy we need to know your brand.


Great communication starts with clarity.
Before conceptualising a video we need to know:
- what is the core of your business?
- what are your goals?
- who is your target audience?
These insights will help shape the message or the script of the video.

Pre-production phase of the video creation process.


I advised you on the message or the script you want to communicate.
I can also write the script for the video.
We decide on a schedule for the video's production, the visual style and the location.
We agree on the different aspects of the video, so there are no surprises for the final video delivery.

Production phase of the video creation process.


Lights, camera, action…
A crew is hired to film the video. I supervise the shoot.
The number of shooting days depends on the scope of the project.
We make sure we have enough takes you are happy with, to facilitate the editing process.

Team up with Yaca Studio to create videos for your business.


The editing phase begins. We bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.
Editing is to video, what punctuation is to a sentence. It gives shape, rhythm and emphasises some key points. 
It is a crucial and meticulous part of the process that can’t be overlooked. 
Throughout the process, you give your feedback. There are two rounds of revision so your feedback are taken into account to make a video you love. 


Now that you have a video it’s time to distribute it.
During the discovery session, we agreed on an actionable plan based on your goals to integrate the video into your sales system and promotional campaigns.
We keep in touch throughout your campaign, to make sure you get the results you want.

Create videos for your business without the headache.