You're a marketer, startup founder or a business owner. You're the hero of my story.

You want your ideal clients

to get your business and think: "That's it. That's exactly what I need." You want them to see, hear and understand you.

but prospects keep on

zapping, scrolling and skipping.
We barely remember what we ate three days ago. How can a prospect  remember your business?

the solution is not

to jump on the latest trend and add to the cacophony of noise.

Three people singing. Don't add to the noise but let tyour message be the harmonious sound your ideal client listens to.

The solution is to

own your brand story so your message becomes the harmonious sound your prospects tune into.

yaca helps you translate and communicate your brand through strategy, storytelling and videos, SO YOU CAN BE PRESENT IN YOUR CUSTOMERS' MINDS.

NIMBLE, simple and lean

SMBs and startups deserve great creatives without the mammoth fee of big agencies. Yaca is purposefully small and nimble so your budget won’t cover unnecessary overhead costs for you. You pay for what you use, nothing more. Depending on the scope and needs of the project, I will put together the right creative team.

No middle man

Throughout the process, I will be the one and only point of contact, guiding you and collaborating with you. I'm your partner to design and execute your video strategy.

Think before we press record

We don't make videos because they look great or because your competitors just made one. But because they support your business' goals and are aligned with your brand.


You want to gain clarity about your brand so you don't confuse and lose prospects. But you don't want to lose momentum either. That's why the workshops come from agile methodologies, so your brand transformation can happen swiftly.

the hassle

Making videos is time consuming and you already have a lot on your plate. We will agree on key decisions and I will consult with you to get feedbacks on the main different stages of the video, but I will handle the production from beginning to end for you.

NO surprise

We agree on a flat rate at the beginning of the project, so there is no surprise at the end.

Jessica Lurel founder of Yaca Studio.
Storytelling to attract dream clients
I discovered my passion for storytelling in a video rental store. That one weekend I picked the movie “Mighty Aphrodite”. I don’t know what it was about that movie, but I watched it again and again. I was immersed in the characters' lives and dialogues. And that’s when I knew I wanted to tell stories... 
Years later after graduating from the London Film School in screenwriting and filmmaking, I worked with various companies to communicate their message using storytelling.

When we engage emotionally with a story, it creates a bond and helps us relate to each other. We want to deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience so they are as emotionally invested in your brand as I was with that movie.
The lesson I've learned so you don't have to....

It’s my first contract right after graduating from Film School. And the first time I get paid for my video creation skills. I’m inspired. Thrilled. The client wants to raise money for their outreach programs. I want to do a great job. I want to give them more than what they paid for. I advised them on how to communicate their message, I film, edit, find the music to underscore the emotional tone of the video. I work tirelessly to make a video they’ll love. 

After hundreds of hours meeting, filming and editing, I show them the final result. I hear their ooh and aah. I can feel their enthusiasm. They have a video they’re proud of. A couple of weeks later,  I check to see what kind of results they got from the video. They put the video on their Facebook page… and that was it. They didn’t really reach their target audience or get fundings from it. 

I couldn’t help but wonder: did they get their money worth? Hundreds of hours meeting, filming and editing… for nothing. 

I am rooting for the entrepreneurs, risk-takers, doers and do-againers. My mission is to help businesses be seen, heard and understood so they can connect with their ideal clients. But how can this happen if no one sees the video?

What's the point of making a video if no one sees it?

Leverage the power of video to grow your business.

That’s when I understood that unless a video is part of a strategic and distribution plan, it is useless. It’s like a car without fuel. And a successful strategic plan starts with knowing your brand, your audience,  and your story.

Ready to tell and share your brand stories?

get started

“You reassured me about things that I had already put in place. You structured my way of communicating and gave me a lot of ideas. You opened my mind. I was locked into one type of communication when there are so many possibilities. I realise that I can use my distant history, my why to get back to the essential.” 


“Jessica worked as a consultant for the Horse Rangers Association for a period of nine months. In all aspects Jessica did an excellent job. She organised locations and timings, renting the necessary equipment, acquiring the shots which she wanted by her calm, delightful and professional manner which encouraged people to work with her. As this particularly involved children and adults with special needs, she achieved an excellent outcome; ...

indeed it was agreed that the film that she produced was substantially better than the original. And she produced the finished result to budget and on time. I would not hesitate in recommending her, she has a very delightful manner, is highly professional and once briefed, interpreted and produced an excellent result." 


“Communicating my brand and my offer was difficult for me. I was lacking clarity. The exercises were really useful to formulate my pitch. JESSICA really guided me, took the time and gave me insightful tips on my communication. The session gave me a lot of clarity."

Céline toledano, founder - coq6grue

“You’ve made me think a lot more constructively about my message and you ask really good key questions. You had a way of bringing out my deeper message. I know storytelling is a powerful technique, I was looking for help to bring out my personal story.you helped clarify my business statement both superficial and deep one and you also help me realise the importance of my story.” 


“We didn’t know what to focus on in our content strategy and how to get engagement. The session helped me recognise the themes we can use in our content strategy. I understand now how to structure our content to  communicate our message and connect with the prospects by evoking emotion. When we don’t elicit emotions we don’t sell. People will like the post without taking any action." 

galise, marketing - kitoko doll