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Horse Rangers Association is a charity with the mission to give young people and young people with disabilities, the opportunity, to look after and ride horses. Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent is their Royal Patron. 

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The goal

The Horse Riding Association wanted to show who they are and what they stand for to celebrate their anniversary. They also wanted to use the video to raise funds for their outreach programmes.

The solution

Create a brand video that showcases the rangers' stories so HRA's mission and impact are seen concretely.

The challenge

Make a coherent brand video where the different parts relate to each other and support the key message.


The approach was to adopt a documentary style. We highlighted the authentic stories of people benefitting from the programme. Through this style, we establish an emotional connection with the viewers. I advise them to use numbers to be specific, to emphasise how many volunteers help and how many young people they help with their outreach programmes. So the possible donors could appreciate the scope and value of their work.


The video was used to showcase the Charity's history as well as the programme's benefits. A shorter version was sent to possible sponsors to support the fundraising campaign.

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