Magnetic Brand DNA

A brand building workshop

This interactive workshop guides you and your team, to figure out your brand. We'll use storytelling frameworks to clarify your business, what makes you unique and who you serve.
After this workshop, you'll know what your brand is about, what you want to say and how to say it.

Build a stand out brand

Collaborative and agile sessions to delve into the foundations
of your brand and its stories.

Brand discovery and brand stories:

Brand's character

What role do you play in your customer’s life? What’s your brand personality? What do you stand for and believe in? 

The answers will turn your business into a stand-out brand.


How to perfectly position yourself on the market, so you’re seen as the right brand for your ideal clients...

We’ll use a simple and proven brand positioning methodology that  actually works. 


Who is your ideal client? How to be part of your customer’s journey and talk to them in a way that motivates them to buy into your brand.

Your tone of voice

How a brand delivers its message, is as important as what a brand says. Words are like packages. They wrap emotions and deliver messages. The words you choose influence how a customer feels about you.

Choose the right words to tell your brand story in a coherent, unique and compelling way.

A brand is your armour, a competitive edge that makes you different from your competitors and helps you connect with your prospects.
  1. You need a fresh perspective to gain clarity on your business.
  2. You want to attract the right clients and repel the wrong ones.
  3. You want to easily talk about what your brand does.
  4. You want your message to have more impact.
  5. You need a clear and consistent story to tell that is easily shared.
  6. You need to compress time and come up with your brand messaging fast.
let's work together

“You reassured me about things that I had already put in place. You structured my way of communicating and gave me a lot of ideas. You opened my mind. I was locked into one type of communication when there are so many possibilities. I realise that I can use my distant history, my why to get back to the essential.” 


“Communicating my brand and my offer was difficult for me. I was lacking clarity. The exercises were really useful to formulate my pitch. JESSICA really guided me, took the time and gave me insightful tips on my communication. The session gave me a lot of clarity."

Céline toledano, founder - coq6grue

“You’ve made me think a lot more constructively about my message and you ask really good key questions. You had a way of bringing out my deeper message. I know storytelling is a powerful technique, I was looking for help to bring out my personal helped clarify my business statement both superficial and deep one and you also help me realise the importance of my story.” 


“We didn’t know what to focus on in our content strategy and how to get engagement. The session helped me recognise the themes we can use in our content strategy. I understand now how to structure our content to  communicate our message and connect with the prospects by evoking emotion. When we don’t elicit emotions we don’t sell. People will like the post without taking any action." 

galise, marketing - kitoko doll